quality an everyday commitment

commitment to quality at all stages of production

Quality and tradition are the principles that drive the business, from product design to production, distribution and sales to the end customer.
Jumbo Shoe Manufacturer continuously monitors he maintenance of production standards at all stages of the process, through the presence of specialised personnel, both in its own factories and in laboratories and factories outside the Group, necessary to verify the exclusive use of its own materials, machinery and techniques.
We care about controlling the quality of raw materials, the process and the finished product. With this in mind, JUMBO works mainly with suppliers with whom it has established long-standing partnerships.
 In fact, the Group has always considered it essential to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with its suppliers, based on the common objectives of absolute product quality, the excellence of Made in Italy and the fight against counterfeiting.


Italy has always been famous for its excellent craftsmanship and the quality of its workers. They guard an ancient tradition of craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation. The skilful hands of Italian craftsmen have helped to create a unique identity in the manufacturing sector, making “Made in Italy” synonymous with quality, style and prestige, making Italian products unique and sought-after all over the world. All this originated in Italian artisan workshops. They are real workshops where meticulous and passionate manual work is carried out. This is where our “Italian workshop” within Jumbo Shoe Manufacturer was born, to give continuity and innovation to the craftsmanship and history of Made in Italy. It allows us to have total control over the production process, and guaranteeing quality. We can supervise every stage of footwear production, from the purchase of raw materials to the final assembly stage.
 This results in high quality products. With manufacturing we have more flexibility in production, and control in production processes.

Italian tradition for quality