we believe in people

Our first resource, our people

At Jumbo, the importance of quality of life is a fundamental element for the well-being of the group and, consequently, for the success and productivity of the company itself. With our work often requiring demanding and repetitive physical activities, we want to ensure a healthy working environment and promote employee well-being becomes even more important.

Jumbo is focused on creating a climate of trust and collaboration with shared ideas, creating a sense of belonging and involvement that positively influences the quality of the work done.

The organisation of get-togethers such as dinners, events or small social breaks during the working day serve to socialise, unwind and relax, creating deeper bonds with colleagues. Jumbo focuses on mental well-being and personal and professional growth. In fact, they are available to life coaches. They can bring numerous benefits to the company, promoting team growth and development, improving well-being and work-life balance, fostering positive relationships and increasing overall motivation and productivity.

In 2022, more than 250 hours of training were carried out in Jumbo. The presence of active corporate welfare is another element that underlines the importance given to the quality of life of our team. These services help to improve their quality of life by offering support in the different spheres of their personal lives. A healthy working environment, in which one feels appreciated, valued and supported, has a positive impact on productivity, customer satisfaction and corporate reputation. A company that cares about well-being is able to attract and retain talent, creating a corporate culture based on trust and mutual respect.


The realisation of an excellent, long-lasting product of the highest quality depends on the skills of the people who create it and follow its various production stages. For this reason, the Jumbo Shoe Factory has always favoured the creativity and uniqueness of the individuals who express their talents on a daily basis, through specific training activities for the needs of the various professional figures, aimed at creating technical skills in line with the tradition of craftsmanship and the excellence of its products. Specific courses are planned to continually develop and update the professionalism in the group.


The Group has always been attentive to the well-being of its employees and to the functionality, safety and ergonomic balance of its working environments. In addition to the numerous initiatives that regularly involve the Group’s staff on safety development issues, common relaxation and non-relaxation areas are in operation, including a canteen and a well-equipped gym.

Jumbo Academy

Jumbo is committed to investing in the success of its employees through ongoing training and the development of individual skills.

This is why we have developed “the Jumbo Academy“, collaborating with industry experts in creating training programmes on a variety of topics such as technical skills development, leadership, time management, effective communication and more, providing employees with knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in their professional and personal lives.

“The Jumbo Academy” is also a place where employees can connect, share knowledge and create a learning community. In the coming years, the Academy will focus on creating internal managers capable of adapting to the changing market, ensuring continuity based on the values passed on by our founder.

ongoing training